A Birthday Cake

Its been a few week since my birthday now, and the cake has long gone! It was a very different birthday for me, spent 9000 miles away from a normal birthday routine-  but nevertheless it was great to do something completely different. With every birthday comes traditions that follow wherever you go; balloons, cards and of course cake. Cakes are different every year and are always a lovely treat! From classic sponge cakes decorated with the Little Mermaid (a firm favourite) to this years triple sponge Raspberry Bakewell cake which was DELICIOUS. I can take no credit for the wonderful-ness (making that a word) of this cake- it was solely Jake and his skills in the kitchen! So to show of this wonderful recipe I thought it would be good to get it written down (this was a challenge after a few moments of "i dont know I just put it in the bowl" but we got there in the end! I photographed him making it and of course the outcome and I'm pleased to be sharing it with you!


Behold, an almond sponge with a gooey almond filling, fresh raspberries, raspberry Jam and a classic white icing and dehydrated raspberries. This take on a Bakewell Tart is much easier with no complicated pastry or fancy icing decor, just crumbly, gooey, deliciousness!  






Raspberry Bakewell Cake  


280g Ground Almonds 

280g Gluten Free Self Rasing Flour  ( I recommend Bobs Red Mill, Doves Farm and M&S own brand gluten free flours - just check for labels to make sure they're not full of preservatives and emulsifiers - if you cant read the ingredient, its not worth buying!) 

280g Organic salted Butter, softened (You could use coconut oil too)  

280g Organic Unrefined Caster Sugar  

4 Eggs  

2 Vanilla Pods, deseeded

400g frozen raspberries, our of the freezer so they can begin to defrost

4 tbsp flaked almonds

To decorate:  

 Raspberry Jam (Jake used St Dalfour Raspberry Jam in this recipe as they use no added sugar and lets face is their jam is the bomb.)

Icing Sugar and Water  

200g Ground Almonds  

100g sugar  

2 Egg Whites  



 Preheat the oven to 160c Fan/gas mark 4 and line and grease two 20cm springform cake tins. If you only have one then just do one bake at a time. 

Cream butter and sugar together until colour of mixture has lightened in colour slightly. In a separate bowl, mix together the ground almonds with the gluten free flour along with the vanilla pod seeds.

Add the flour mixture to the butter and sugar mix and stir well. Gradually crack in each egg at a time, being careful to mix well with each egg to prevent the mixture from curdling. Once you have a well mixed cake batter, fill each tin half way. Scatter over raspberries in a rather messy fashion. Pour over remaining cake mixture with a spatula. You can then scatter over flaked almonds. Ta-Da! 

Place the tins in the oven and cook for around 50 minutes or until golden on top and it comes clean when poked!  Remove the sponges from the oven and place them on a cooling rack until fully cooled. 

Let's get down to decorating:

In a bowl, mix the ground almonds with the sugar and egg whites until you get the right consistency. This can be a little bit of trial and error but just keep adding each ingredient until you have a gooey paste. It should remind you of tearing open an almond croissant (drools). 

Mix icing sugar with water until you have a running consistency great for dribbling over the cake.  

Cut the sponges in half to make 4 sponges. Place your first sponge on a plate or cake stand, and spread (in a rather a messy fashion) the almond paste over the sponge. You may need to get stuck in or using a spatula might help. Next, spread the jam on top. Place a sponge on top and repeat!  

Once you've put your last sponge on, drizzle over the icing. You're done! Dig in right away or store in a resealable container for just over a week - if you can make it last that long!  

This cake is great served with coconut yoghurt, any cream or ice cream of your choice!  

Thank you to Jake for a wonderful birthday and this special cake filled with my favourite things. You sure know the way to my heart! 

Milly x